9 JavaScript Tips to Ruin Your Day πŸ™ˆ

and 1 JavaScript tip to make you smile 😊


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If you are an aspiring developer or have been doing this web thing for some time, here are the 9 tips and some advice you might not like and 1 tip you definitely will

As Brian Tracy would put it: eat your 🐸 in the morning

I present you the 9 tips you will probably hate

  1. Embrace ECMAScript 6 (ES6) Features: such as arrow functions =>, `template literals`, and destructuring assignments {...}. Try to understand/explain Babbel (Hint: it's not a foreign language learning app)

  2. Master the DOM Manipulation: Learn about techniques like event delegation, batched DOM updates, and utilizing requestAnimationFrame for smooth animations. Create a shopping list.

  3. Optimize JavaScript Performance: Dive into topics like reducing unnecessary reflows and repaints, implementing debouncing and throttling, and utilizing efficient data structures. Get familiar with Lighthouse.

  4. Understand Promises: and I *promise.then(*you will be a better developer 😈). Learn how to handle asynchronous operations elegantly, chaining multiple promises, and handling errors effectively using catch and finally. Be elegant with async/await. But before you do that, make sure to avoid callback hell. Make something with Axios.

  5. Dive into Functional Programming: Understand concepts like pure functions, immutability, and higher-order functions. Discover how functional programming can improve code maintainability and readability. Check out Ramda.

  6. Master JavaScript Array Methods: Delve into the array methods available in JavaScript, such as map, filter, and reduce. Learn how to leverage these methods to transform, filter, and aggregate data efficiently, making your code concise and expressive. Do a bunch of Katas on CodeWars to become a real πŸ₯·.

  7. Secure Your JavaScript Code: Think input validation, proper error handling, and protecting sensitive data. Catch 🐞 and write cleaner code with ESLint.

  8. Testing and Debugging: master tools and techniques like unit testing frameworks, debugging tools, and browser developer tools to ensure code quality and resolve issues efficiently. Use robots πŸ€– like Puppeteer, Playwright, Cypress to click around your app 🀭 and test code with jest or mocha.

  9. Accept that there is no end and this is a journey! 🚌 Cultivate a curious mindset, stay up-to-date with industry trends, and explore new libraries, frameworks, and language features. Embrace continuous learning to evolve as a skilled JavaScript developer. And PLEASE read MDN Web Docs!

πŸ’• And now onto the tip everyone loves πŸ’•

  1. Just pickup some fancy framework (why not try Remix?) which does all sorts of cool stuff for you, without you ever knowing why?! πŸ‘€ and build the app of your dreams 😁

Moral of the story:

You can't walk before you can crawl. Or in other words: forget the fancy thing everyone is talking about and learn the basics first (or whatever takes YOU to the next level)! And I know the 9 tips are probably not what you expected, but they are the TRUTH πŸ’‘.

Who thought becoming a web / app developer would be this hard, huh? πŸ˜“ But trust me, there are no shortcuts, no magic πŸͺ„ and no βš’οΈ to make you a master hacker πŸ€“. Wherever you are on your journey, start from there and ignore everything else!

Btw, since you read this far, I would kindly ask you not to tell me who you are (I don’t care), but where you are at in your development path as a developer (sounds kinda cool 😎), so that I could tailor my next article better to YOU, to help you get there faster. Leave a comment! πŸ‘‡

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